About me

My kids, the reason why now is right time.

I have been sewing for over 10 years, it started when I was a stay at home mom, I went 'granola' as it was, started making everything I could from scratch, pasta, bread, soap, lotion, sunscreen, and one day my boys got new sheets and I wanted to upcycle their old ones. I thought it was cute and Ironman is cool. So I made a skirt. And that is where it all began

Then I went back to work and sewing was put on the back burner, making things as I could on days off between kids play dates. 

The idea of this company has been simmering for years, put off so I could help my now ex husband with his dreams. After filling for divorce a year ago, I worked 2 jobs, struggled daily and then a song came on, "Jesus take the wheel", by Carrie Underwood, and a coworker asked me to alter her dress for her daughter's wedding, and lightbulb, so I incorporated.